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    Re: Food Allergy

    Does anyone know if there are certain types of food allergies that can be cured? Iíll give you my dilemma; Iím allergic to poultry. Sucks huh!!! What self respecting body builder doesnít eat chicken. Itís really weird though, Iím able to eat eggs as long as theyíre well cooked. Anyway I was wondering if we had any experts (self-proclaimed or not) on line that might know a solution to this problem? I tell ya, Iíd give a year of my life if I would be able to just walk into KFC and go to town on a 20 piece. I havenít been able to have it since I was 14!

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    Feel bad for you man. I wish that i could change that for you. try different alternatives of protein.

    Check this out:

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