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    finally got myself a basic diet, however...

    sup guys, here is what i have devised so far. (protein drinks are OUT of the question, whether or not they're dairy free, body just can't digest them)

    4 can's of tuna. (128g's of protein)
    1 chicken breast (48g's of protein)
    2 granola bars (70g's of carbs, 8g's protein)
    4 pb&j sandwiches (roughly 48g's of protein ..i think)
    4 eggs, 1 being whole (20g's of protein, i think)

    so all in all, 252g's of protein. i'm 6'0 183

    my goals are to jus get a lot more mass...

    obviously it appears as though i'm neglecting carbs in that diet, and thats basically because i've never really known how many carbs i should get, for my goals...

    so my question is, how many carbs should i be getting with the amount of protein i take, and secondly... is fiber a necessity with all that protein? if so, what is high in fiber besides oatmeal and brocoli, lol. i dont like either one.

    thanks guys.

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    I know you aren't cutting (u said u wanna gain mass), as pb&j sandwiches and granola bars are not items you'll ever use for cutting purposes.

    Also, 4 pb&j sandwiches containing 48 grams of pro sounds off.......unless you are using an assload of pb, and if so, then that much fat combined w/the bread (carbs) in the amount of 4 sandwiches, isn't a good choice on any diet. U want mass, not a fat ass. Also, your focus seems to be carbs, but I see no mention of fats anywhere in your diet. Those are just as important, if not more-so, than carbs are when designing any nutritional program.

    Fiberous veggie choices are cabbage, broccoli, green beans, brussel sprouts, zucchinni. Avoid carrots/corn/peas as they are all sugary veggies.

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    Up the carbs if your goal is to gain mass. I see very little carbs there. Your diet almost looks ketogenic if not for the granola bars and bread. If your using AAS, your protein level is fine. If you wish to gain, the amount of carbs should be double the amount of protein your taking in. As long as you have some high quality fat, the fat will take care of itself.

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