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    Arrow Message to moderators!!!!!

    I wanted to let you guys know how helpful this board is and how much more helpful this board is than another that I was just with.

    The last board I was on, the regulars would trash talk the new guys and make them feel ignorant.

    I was trashed for sticking up for myself after a couple wackos gave me smart-ass responses to my questions.

    Anywayz, thanx for the help thusfar.

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    Welcome to the board bro,
    Everybody here is like family, well educated questions are always welcome, however, there is such a thing as your everyday dumass questions as well, like what is the best overall steriod that gives the most gains with no side effects, ect. Research is the key to staying alive in this game. I'm not saying don't ask questions about somthing you do not know about, just think about the question and ask yourself is it somthing that anyone who has done any research at all would ask? Most of the questions that I ever had were allready asked and I found them just from reading their post. But anyway, I'm getting off the subject, welcome to the board. Every bit of input is welcome.

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    Welcome to the board.

    No one gets flames here unless they are being a total idiot and that hardly ever happens and hey we will all make that 1 stupid post !!

    Stay around bro


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    Mike Guest
    yup like they said - there's a lot of newbies bro - I would rather you ask a 'dumb' question than hurt yourself - nobody here will flame ya bro

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    CYCLEON Guest
    no flames for honest questions, we all have areas of knowlege that we are deficient in - tho u must permit us to snicker a little bit at ur mistakes

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    No problem!!!

    I'll be talking to ya all....

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    There is no place like ho
    Hell I am soo happy I could cry.. (grabs tissue). Na just kidding, I just read Anger's post on What kind of movies he likes. I don't know chit, so that is why I am here. Thanks to ole Billy Boy, I am getting supa dupa edumacted. Course, Mike keeps us going with his intellegence as well, and laughs. haaa...
    Okay now, some of you pros go answer my bicept question I posted this morning. Okay enough flattering. Now down to business.. (damn gotta love dem Italians.. ).

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    ptbyjason Guest
    Man there are a ton of new people here now. The last thing we would ever want to do is flame one of you. We want everyone to learn and hopefully in another 6 months - 1 year you guys will be helping all of the other new people.

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