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    Perfect diet

    I have done a lot of research and have taken a considerable amount of time into planning the perfect diet for myself. My goal is to go from 16.5% bf to 10%, and slowly but steadily gain at least 10 lbs of muscle. Now I know this won't happen over-night but eventually it will, with the right diet and exercise. So I'll get to the point, I have read that to lose body fat it is recommended to separate your fat and carbohydrate intake throughout your meals. The reasoning behind it is that your body's preferred choice for energy is carbohydrates and it will go through them first and then simply store the remaining fats. Now I have only read this, and I am curious if anyone has any experience or could perhaps add on to this.

    I have also read that it is very beneficial to spike your blood sugars immediately after your work out so that your body releases tons of insulin (a very anabolic hormone) that it may absorb all the amino acids/proteins, glucose, etc that your body is so desperately craving at this time. In my diet I will consume some simple carbs/sugar, alongside whey protein asap, post-workout (and only post-workout).

    Since I weigh 150 lbs, I will consume 1.5x grams of protein per lb of body weight (225 grams a day). I am going to go for about 200 grams of carbs, and 75 grams of fat daily. Now I may eventually lower this carb intake if I don't get the results I want but since I am an ecto-morph body type, I tend to need a lot of energy and have a very high metabolism. This will all total to 2375 calories a day. Now I know most of you will laugh and say this is much too low. However, my diet has been so poor for the last couple of months that I don't dare jump from the embarrassing 1200-1800 calories that I average these days to much higher so quickly. It is very important to let your body adjust slowly to your new diet. Also my goal is not really to bulk up and be huge anymore. I just want to be at a really low body fat % and a healthy weight.

    75x9= 675 = 2375

    To get the maximum amount of nutrients from my meals I intake I am going to break them up into 8 sessions throughout my day. I do this to make sure my body has all the proper nutrients constantly and consistently. If I had the time and will-power I would break it up into even more meals but realistically I'm going to have a hard enough time managing 8. I will have carbs only in the morning, and pre / post workout (this excludes fibrous carbs like veggies). I only drink water (and milk for my shakes), no sodas or juices. Note that most of this information is regurgitated and simplified, but perhaps it can lead someone new in the right direction.

    This more or less, will be my diet. It is subject to change, but I think this is a good start. PLEASE tell me what you think. I would love some feedback!

    1. Eggwhites / complex carb
    2. Mixed protein shake
    3. chicken
    4. fish / complex carb
    5. whey protein/simple carb;sugar
    6. Steak/beef (London broil;low fat preferably)
    7. cottage cheese/yogurt(dairy)
    8. turkey
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