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Thread: calorie shakes?

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    calorie shakes?

    ok, i need to take in about 3000cals a day and i have been trying real hard to do it but fall a little short most of the time. i just feel really full and bloated cause i am constantly eating. i could get the cals easily if i cheat a few meals but those would be worthless cals so i was wondering what you guys think about those shakes with a lot of cals in them and do they make ones that are not 2000cal per serving. i want something more like 1000cal/serving. if i did the 2000 i think that it wouldnt be as good cause you should try to get your cals through good nutrients of food. any thoughts and advice is appreciated. thanks.

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    all i have to say is...

    NLarge 2!!i do two a day. 600 cals in water.900 w/ two cups of whole milk and you can figure 1%, 2% and others fall inbetween.taste is awesome.for me it's one post workout and once before bed since my metabolism rages.

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