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Week ending 16-03-14

Started counting macros this week, i am eating high carbs on weight training days and low carbs on cardio only days. works out low carb days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday........high carb days Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.......Sunday is left open for me to decide each week, if i train its high carb and if i dont its low carb.

im taking 10000iu of Vit D3 and 6 gram of fish oil each day.

Ive also started clomid monotherapy at 50mg EOD. This is prescribed off my endo, hoping to kick start my natural testosterone production. i will be doing this for 6-8 weeks then having bloods taken to see were im at.

Monday-Carbs 48 Fat 60 Protein 160 (1.5 mile run)
Tuesday-Carbs 283 Fat 73 Protein 214 (Lower weights)
Wednesday-Carbs 33 Fat 26 Protein 170 (1.5 mile run)
Thursday-Carbs 251 Fat 37 Protein 209 (Upper Push weights)
Friday-Carbs 22 Fat 75 Protein 180 (1.5 mile run)
Saturday- Failed to count macros (Upper Pull weights)
Sunday- Failed to count macros (Upper Push weights)

my weakest body part is my chest so if i train on Sundays i will be adding an extra push weights.

Slow start getting back into counting macros, though should get better as the weeks go on.

I will be starting austinites Fat loss stack tomorrow.

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