I tried posting a meal plan once before and the only comments i got was your plan sucks, but no advice. Please if you comment make it constructive. I want to learn not feel like an----.

I weigh 171# (I was at 180#'s not long ago, but got sick - ate like crap and jumped my BF, and lost weight). Looking to try to lose the fat I gained and gain some lean mass (not mass bulk, more recomposition). Will be lifting 4 days a week and cardio 2. I work a desk job, so other than the gym - no activity. I do have restrictions on time. The reason for the easier meals between real meals is because Idont have enough time for a full blown meal.. but i tried to keep most of heir composition whole foods.

So here is what I came up with
TDEE Target = 2,758 (Macro target 40Protein/40Carbs/20Fat)

Note all macros are protein/carbs/fat and the first two that are listed are weird because I workout early so pre and post is kinda one meal

6AM/Preworkout - 1/2 scp Myofusion (yes its a half- i drink this mix and it adds a little flavor), 1/4C Oats, 2 oz egg whites, 1 tbsp almond oil

730/Postworkout - 1/2 scp Glycomaze, 1 Scp Myofusion

1000 - 1C Cottage Cheese, 4 oz strawberries, 2 cooked whole eggs

100 - 7.5 oz chicken breast, 3 oz brown rice, 1 tbsp olive oil

400 - 1/2 scp myofusion (again for flavor), 11 oz egg whites, 1 oz almonds

630 - 8.5 oz top sirloin steak, 12 oz broccoli or green beans

900 - 2 oz optimum caseine, 1 tbsp almond oil