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    Multiple Carb questions...looking for answers.

    Hey guys...I have a few various carb questions that I would appreciate if I could get answered.

    1. What is dextrose? Why use it in my postworkout meal? Where can I get it?

    2. I have been cutting for about 3 weeks now and have had my carbs at about 400g daily which is about 1.7g per pound of bodyweight. I've been doing 3 sessions of 45 minute cardio (in the morning before eating) a week also. I have read in various posts of people only eating 100 or so grams of carbs daily. Am I eating too many carbs while cutting? Im tryin to be cut in 9 more weeks.

    3. As of now I have been eating 5 meals a day and have been getting about 65g of protein in my postworkout shake and 190g carbs. This is because I had read in Flex that the postworkout meal should have a ratio of 4:1 (carbsrotein). I have read though here that many people get less carbs. Should I take away carbs or stick with it?


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    RE: Question #2

    If you're cutting, dump the carbs...period.

    I'd certainly say that you'd want to keep them to (worst-case) no more than 200g./day and probably more like 150g or less if you can tolerate that.

    I'd wager that if you slice your carb intake in half, you'll see a tremendous upswing in your fat loss in a very short period of time.

    Worked for me: I've lost 4+ inches off my waist in ~10 weeks and ~8% bf with a standard weight workout and 18-21 miles/week on the treadmill while at the same time taking in no more than 150-200g./carb/day.

    Never had results like that on a high carb diet and the only thing that I can comparable it to is a cyclical keto diet.

    I'd also suggest (and others will, too) that you may want to bag some r-ALA to aid in your carb disposal (do a search on that for tons of info).

    Hope that helps.

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    SEARCH, most of your answers can be found in the numberous posts in the diet section on cutting.


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    Originally posted by painintheazz
    SEARCH, most of your answers can be found in the numberous posts in the diet section on cutting.

    Yup Yup!!!

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    Originally posted by Short_Guy
    RE: Question #2

    If you're cutting, dump the carbs...period.

    agreed. keep your carbs low as possible with your Proteins & Fats high. that way you don't loose muscle mass when you drop the body fat. maybe 100 - 150g of Carbs per day with about 250 - 300g of Protein. depends on your body's height & weight.

    Low Calories + Low Carbs + High Protein = loosing weight & building muscle at the same time.

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