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Thread: Agave nectar?

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    Agave nectar?

    Just wondering about taking agave nectar for a post workout insulin spike? I've heard it causes insulin resistance? Educate me please.

    -Thanks, Afrohorse.

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    it will typically not cause a spike and is used as a substitute for sugar in many things, its' classified as a medium on the glycemic index.. if my memory isn't screwed..

    question.. why would you want a pre workout spike?? i can understand the post workout spike since you want to infuse as much nutrients into the damaged muscle tissue as you can..
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    Agave is actually quite low on the glycemic index (GI). It is lower than (obviously) glucose as well as honey. I have a bottle of Sohgave I use on occasion, and the label states it "will not cause a blood sugar spike like many other sweeteners since it is lower on the Glycemic Index (17 GI)."

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