Hey guys looking to get some help so here it is:

Weight: 173lb
Height: 5'10
BF: 12-15%

-Lean muscle
-Body fat not to go over 15%

-For the next 6 months and do a major re-valuate.

Training type:
-HIT training in the am 4 times a week
-Cardio training 4-5 times a week

-What do you want if you want them?

Anymore info needed just ask

First of i've done macros using different methods, They are all different haha had one say 4700 a few around 2800 and one at 2200 so in saying that i'm just going to start at 2500 cals and i will adjust over the coming weeks from there.

My break down will be as follows

High carbs:
40% pro = 1000 cals = 250g
40% carbs = 1000 cals = 250g
20% fat = 500 cals = 55g

Total: 2500 cals

Med Carbs:
40% pro = 1000 cals = 250g
30% carbs = 750 cals = 188g
20% fat = 500 cals = 55g

Total: 2250 cals

Low Carbs:
40% pro = 1000 cals = 250g
20% carbs = 500 cals= 125g
20% fat = 500 cals = 55g

Total: 2000 Cal

I have split it into high, med, low because i'm hoping to use that as a method of keeping my BF % down and put on muscle. by carb cycling depending how my body reacts. i don't want to completely cut carbs out i'll save that for if i want to cut at some point. Or would it be recommended to chuck a no carb day in there every so often just to mix it up? Was going to spend most of the time in the high and med range and drop in a low then a re-feed every so often maybe once a week?

Now i didn't want to go to high becasue the 2200 cal intake was LBMx15 (that's right yea??) i understand i'll be doing alot of working out so i went above that. So the way i see it i will either loose weight or put on weight and once i see that happen i will adjust accordingly.

So could i please get some feedback and some advice on this and if i should up my starting point?