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    Opinions on diet

    I'm currently 25 5'10 167lbs (started at 182) bf% guess would be 16% at the most (I can see my abs u can see the different muscles in my shoulder when lifting and my quads starting to split. My goal Is to be 155 my calculated calories to maintain my current is weight is 2550. I am currently taking in less than 2050 (500 caloric deficit a day) my macros are 165g of protein 170g of carbs and 70g of fat. ( average 20g sat fat a day or less and 50g of sugar or less) I lift 6 days a week I can't run currently because of a calf injury. I am also on trt 75mg of test c twice a week. My weight loss to begin with was fast I seen results fast but my weight is currently fluctuating every day the lowest I have gotten is 165 I weigh at the same time every day ( as soon as I wake up in the same clothes). I Am just getting frustrated and would like someone from the outside looking to evaluate my diet. I should mention I also am doing intermitting fasting and work out in a fasted state and I work each muscle group twice a week with Sundays off. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I know I can hit 155, I did it before in 2010 in Iraq when I didn't know near as much as I do now. Thanks.

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    TJ welcome man!

    first lets see a pic of u..

    second lets see ur current diet including total cals and macros..

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