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    Dieting help??? Where to start??

    I have been training since I was 16 and i'm currently 31 and I am currently just looking for some information on dieting. I am a competitive powerlifter just looking to get lean I know all the basics of dieting but I have never counted cals let alone macros and it all just seems overwhelming especially preparing and weighing everything I eat. Can anyone give me some direction on where to start, maybe some websites or books etc. What foods to buy, recipes anything that will help...

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    Firstly congratulations on making it to a competitive powerlifting level!

    Can you post some stats about yourself? Height, weight, bodyfat. Id recommend downloading the 'MyFitnessPal' app for your phone, and taking a read through some of the stickies here. What is your goal? How much do you want to cut?

    Dieting is really very easy once you get into the swing of it, you dont have to worry about it to the gram, once you know roughly what things weigh, you can begin to guesstimate and give allowances. Preparing food in advance is the best solution I have found, I pre-bag my raw chicken into bags of around 500g, If its +/- 10% I dont care, because it all adds up eventually. Now all I have to do is defrost 1 bag of chicken per day, etc. The better you plan, the easier it is!

    Some good websites would be.... this one! Read the stickies in this section to give you a bit more knowledge on general dieting, and feel free to post back with any questions.

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