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Thread: Free coupon??

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    Free coupon??

    Okay guys, so i'm new here. And i just wanted to ask some questions about the "free" coupon crap. So i registered correctly and all and then i got my code for my steroid coupon and it says that i can get whatever steroids free i want? And it also said at the bottom for a minimum for 70$ use on the coupon. So then i went to go look what i wanted, i wanted clen for my Deca durablon to add a week. And it was only 70$ bottle, but when i went to check out it told me to use my coupon and i did. Both on the top of the checkout and bottom of the check out table, and i enterd my coupon correctly multiple times!! I would say a dozen of times and this is what it told me everytime "The coupon code you entered couldn't be applied to any items in your order." So i got really irated and just quit.

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    sorry to hear of your frustration
    I suggest messaging AR-R , they can answer your question and possibly direct could simply be an issue with the system or perhaps there is a stipulation that must be met 1st in order to meet the coupon requirements ~ like maybe you need to have a min purchases amount in order to receive your free item? keep in mind also that members here receive a % on the next purchase and receive special holiday discounts and notices... so even if your coupon code does not pan out for some reason, being a member has perks
    hope it all works out for you ~take care

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