Hey everyone I got a diet put together and wanted some feed back on it.

Weight 138
Height 5 7
Age 36
LBM 120
BRM 1530
TDEE 2,103
Body fat 13 %
Body type ectomorph/mesomorph

Goal is to get to 150 lbs.(I have been 145 for yrs like the look, like how I felt, mental and physical) 10 % body fat ( I like a small layer to keep warm in the winter). Muscular look(not ripped).

Cals 2,500
Fat 56g
Carbs 240g
Pro 240g

5 meals per day

I work out 3 times per week moderate weight moderate time full body work out each time(as close to as I can get) 2 sets each 8 to 10 reps per set cardio is before workout . Have been working out for 5 yrs (except when sick, injured so on).