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Thread: Cutting Cycle

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    Cutting Cycle

    Hi All,

    I know many of you probably going to think, why is this dude not looking in to some of the old threads to get his information etc. so to clarify i have done so and based my plan around all the information i have found here. if someone can give me any thoughts about it it will be great.

    I am 34 years old, 6 foot tall and 190 Pounds

    I started a big bulking cycle early this year and really pushed my body from a lean 11% BF 176 Pounds to around 200 Pounds 17% BF. i have put a lot of weight large percent of it was muscle ! i followed that cycle with a 4 months clean-out and kept myself around the 2800 calories a day to keep as much muscle as i can and allow my body to return to normal levels etc.

    Now i am starting a cutting cycle of about 7 week, my aim is to try and go down to about 10-12% BF.

    My diet plan is as follow:

    Training Days

    Protein 3g per kg 270g x 4 = 1,080
    Carbs 4g per kg 190g x 4 = 720
    Fats 1g per kg 80g x 9 = 792

    Total 2592

    Non-Training days

    270g x 4 = 1,080
    135g x 4 = 540
    90g x 9 = 810

    Total 2430

    My crabs are mostly Oats, Sweet potato, Green veg
    Protein are lean meets, white fish and whey
    Fats are mostly from nuts

    I train 5 times a week and alternate between heavy weight (mainly on the first exercise) to lower wights high reps etc !
    i do not do cardio workouts at all at the moment. i will only want to bring it in if really needed as i feel cardio makes my hard earned muscle mainly my legs to shrink.

    I take

    200MG of test prop / EOD
    Winstrol Depot 1.5 EOD
    Tren Ace 75MG EOD will go up to 100MG
    150MG Primo EOD
    0.50 Adex ED

    My only concern is around my diet, i am trying to keep as much muscle as possible while dieting. but also want to make sure i get to my target within the time-frame.

    You thought and advice will be highly appropriated.

    Thank you.
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    Not sure I understand. Are you going to start a cut while still on a cycle?


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    That is correct !

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