5'8" 190lbs as of today. 38 years old.
I have been dieting for 6months. I stated dieting on my 38th birthday and I weighed 230lbs. I still would like to lose more fat and gain muscle back up to the weight I am now.
My diet I eat about same thing every day
Breakfast: 1 eggo wheat waffle/or bowl of honey but Cheerios with skim milk.
Lunch: subway 6in on 9 oat wheat and bag of backed lays. Or chick fil a chicken noodle soup.
Dinner: grilled chicken/ grilled steak/ grilled fish/with mixed veggies.
I also eat watermelon for a snack.
I drink five water bottles a day. I am at work 10 hrs and I am not much of a cook.
It is working but I just would like to here from some experts in this field what I could do to better it or just keep doing what I am doing cause it works.i want to get my diet and gym routine right so then maybe in 2014 do my first 10wk.