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    I am in need to advice Please someone.

    Hey guys I am a natural bodybuilder around 12.5% bodyfat due to my genetics i dont look that % i look way less but ive done several things to check my bf and its always been 12.4% - 12.8% im great when it comes to training i know how to train and how much cardio to do etc due to my dad taking 1st place in he muscle mania events when he competed as a natty but he doesnt ever want to give me advice on dieting so i am asking you guys i know how to diet to decently to drop the weight but i always lose way to much muscle im asking you guys to give me some advice on what i can do to get down to 8% bodyfat with the least amoount ofmuscle loss my stats as of right now are 200lbs 6'0 12.5% bf this is the only aspect i struggle with is finding the right way to diet down without loseing alot of muscle.

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    So that the pro's in here can assist you, can you please post your current detailed diet, estimated daily expenditure, total caloric intake and macronutrient breakdown? This info will allow folks to critique your diet and help you tweak it so that you can maximize your efforts.


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    Austinite beat me too it! All of the information he asked for is what we need to assist you. Also please post up your workout routine, including any cardio.

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