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    Who can I talk to about my goals?

    Hi. I am 29, 5'11", 387 lbs. I am not as out of shape as the weight number would imply, but far enough out of shape that I need help and guidance.

    I am on the doorstep of 30 and still dealing with the same problems I was dealing with at age 22. Too much extra weight (fat). I tried talking to my doctor and he just keeps recommending a change to diet and some exercise. Great, except that I just get a very vague outline and told to walk. I have a pedometer, I walk almost 3-4 miles per day. The result? Still gaining weight.

    My long term goal is to be sub 250 lbs., with a goal of 230. With my frame, going much below that will make me look oddly skinny and yet very broad. That is a 157 lb. goal.

    My main questions are: Who can I talk to about all of this?
    What typically should be my nutrition requirements to lose some weight and keep muscle?
    Also, what foods will actually taste good and not like some (forgive me if I offend anyone with this) hippie just grabbed some leafs out of a garden and tossed them on a plate, dirt and all?


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    Here is some simple, easy to follow advise... It's not calculated but it will probably work....

    Eat... 200g protein, 200g carbs and 50g fat per day....

    Train... 5 times per week... Lower body, upper push, upper pull (all hypertrophy days, high volume in the 10-12 rep range), lower body, upper body (power days, medium volume in the 4-6 rep range)....

    Cardio.... 400 calories after each training session.....

    Weigh yourself every day and post it in this thread.....

    Log all of your training including reps, sets and weights.... Log them all in this thread also....

    Report back in 2 weeks...
    Don't be a 'Bro'..... Believe nothing....Question everything

    Baseline - Working to phase out this generation of Bro-Scientists

    Stop over thinking nutrition - If you want something to think about download Myfitnesspal and learn how to count macros

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