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Thread: Eating?

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    Ok so I finally got my 17 year old son interested in working out. The problem is, my wife is on a diet to loose fat. He has adopted her way of eating. I have told him a diet to build muscle is different than a diet to loose fat. But as I said he is 17 and way smarter than me. I do not want to direct him to this forum because I don't want him to get any stupid ideas about steroids . So I am asking are their any good reads about eating to build muscle? Books or articles. I am not looking for a diet but more for a way to eat smart for life.
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    Coolhand, very cool that you're helping your son out with this.

    This is one of my favorite articles that I like to link to...

    You could print it out, study the content and then share it with your son.

    Best of luck to him!

    "It's human nature in a 'more is better' society full of a younger generation that expects instant gratification, then complain when they don't get it. The problem will get far worse before it gets better". ~ kelkel

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    There's lots of stuff out there: wikihow, youtube, Google - search bodybuilding diets or how to eat like a bodybuilder and you'll get lots of good hits and tips.

    Also, you can spend some time in the diet section of this forum and share with him what you've learned.

    My older daughter is 15 and stays in pretty good shape with dance but isn't interested in resistance training at all. My younger daughter who's 10 is a rock.. Plays soccer and has tree trunk legs.. I love her more.. J/k

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    Honestly, if he is going to get into weight lifting - he is most likely going to get information at one time or another about steroids .

    Being a parent, I can totally relate but it may be better for him to get the right information from here than to get bad information somewhere else. Almost every thread I have read here is anti steroids for anyone that is within 8 years of your boys age. He will not get pushed towards doing a cycle at all, if anything he will be guided away from it.

    Cool that you are getting your kid into this though. There are so many bad things that try to get kids misguided in life, lifting can be nothing but good with the right guidance.

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    The only difference between a healthy bulking and cutting diet are the portions. You can bulk just fine on chicken, vegetables, and brown rice (assuming that she isn't on some stupid low-carb or other fad diet).

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    Yeh just see it as.
    Lean protein.
    Green veg.
    Complex carbs

    N my 8 yo girls wants to come gym with me already! Haha

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