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    Exercise and diet plan need help

    New here and hello everyone

    I joined here to hopefully meet some cool folks and to start learning how to stay in better shape and get into better shape.

    So hopefully someone can help layout a good plan for me? I apologize if this is already covered a ton but so many threads to read through its hard to find just what I am looking for. I have been lurking for sometime.

    I am 35 years old white male
    5'11 and 210lbs or so. I go up and down a little

    Good health overall. I have decent cardio as I walk and do a little elliptical now. I do physical work quite often for my job. So I am totally out of shape.

    My main issue has always been struggling to eat right and learning to understand food. I have recently went all organic and starting eating way more protein and green veges.

    My goal is to up my cardio and build lean solid muscle. Ive always been insecure about my chest and arms so these are my main goals. However overall fitness is important as well.

    Ideas on best diet plan and how to go about weight training for maximum gains would be awesome. I read so many different things about how many reps and how much muscle I can actually gain per week per month and so on.

    Also supplement help would be awesome. Ive never really taken any but wouldn't mind if I can find stuff that works and is legit.

    Thanks in advance for everyones help and I look forward to taking everyones advice.

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    Best place to start is for you to make an attempt to create your own diet plan and then we can help make adjustments. One way to do it is to stay in this forum, and read some of the others diet plan, and then modify as you see fit. Once you have that as your starting point, then go ahead and post it here. Please include your TDEE and your macros per meal and macros per day

    go here to learn about TDEE

    and here to learn about macros

    once you've done all that, THEN we can jump in and make suggestions.

    Make sense?


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