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    Exclamation Diet while injured

    So i've just went to the doctor and found out my meniscus was torn so i have surgery tomorrow. If they repair it I'm on crutches for a month, if they take it out I'm on them for a week. But either way after a couple of days i'm still going to go to the gym and work upper body at least. haha. So can someone provide me with a lean diet that will still allow muscle gain but maintain my body fat? Thanks!
    150lbs (Will probably drop :/)
    8% BF

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    Please recalculate your TDEE, and adjust your activity multiplier by reducing it to allow for your reduced activity.

    It's a simple calculation, really.

    Do you know how to do it?
    Do you know how to calculate your macros for a lean diet?


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    Okay ya i got it! Thanks for the help man!

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