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    im worried about consuming too much protein ??

    basically im wondering if im consuming too much protein, im on a cutting diet so low carbs and low fats. heres an exaple of my diet today and was wondering if im getting in too much protein as i dont want that to slow down my fat burn gains.
    meal 1: 2 whole eggs 3 egg whites & 2 slices lean ham (omlet)
    meal 2: (hour after) 100g oats with sunflower seeds sprinkled mixed with water
    TRAIN finished with 40G protein pwo shake
    meal 3: chicken breat & 5 heads brocoli & 100g brown basmati rice
    meal 4: chicken breast & 5 heads brocoli
    meal 5: had 3 extra lean venison burgers & 10 spears of asparagus
    meal 6: 2 whole eggs & 3 egg whites with some lean ham slices (omlet)
    eating every 2-3 hours apart from second meal which is an hour after first

    i weigh close to 200lbs and calculating around 250g protein a day which i guess is about right for me, with about 120g carbs & 30-40g fats
    is my protein consumption good ?

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    you only need about 1.5gms of protein per pound of LBM. You can maybe go up to 2gms/lb/lbm but really, anything more is unnecessary and begins to put a strain on the kidneys

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    Define cutting diet. Diet while on cutting cycle or just diet? Very different critters. Testosterone protects muscles and you can go lower on carbs than normal. Without test you are going to lose lbm at a greater rate.

    Your macro looks to be

    1000 calories protein 55
    480 calories carbs 25
    360 calories fat 20

    If your fat is more in the 30 range (I calculated at 40) you are running @ 57-27-16

    I learned for my body it does not like Protein below 45% or carbs below 30% so my fat is dialed in by default and is fish oil fat. If your diet works for you then good. I would bonk (weak workouts) and have dark urine from it as mentioned by TR

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    Maintain protein at 1.5g/ lb of LBM. Cut calories from carbs and fats.

    For you 250-300g is ok, no problem at all.

    The people who have to worry about "too much" protein are those with underlying medical problems.

    Most people actually have the problem of not getting enough protein, hence the need to supplement with powders.

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