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    Help with diet to get toned

    Hey so I'm 19 and I'm not super knowledgeable about dieting but I've been doing a good amount of research
    I'm about 5'9
    I used the WebMD bmi calculator and it said I have a bmi of 22.1 and I use about 2615 calories per day
    I like to play basketball and ride my bike to workout, and I will be getting a gym membership this month
    What I'm asking is what is a good diet to lose the layer of fat I have over my abs
    Thanks and let me know if there's any more info you need or if there is something I should read

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    Use this to calculate your TDEE.

    TDEE Calculator

    Then use these video to set up your diet, they are very good for a beginner.

    I would at first maintain your TDEE calories for maybe 2 weeks and if you are not seeing bf% drop cut 3-500 calories from fats and carbs.

    I think that once you start a strength training program you will see good results. If you want to play basketball or bike or do "cardio" that will mostly be for fun or health reasons.

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    I'm not condoning it at all especially cuz of your younger age but a high-protein keto has done amazing things for people I know. I tried it and I couldn't do it. without carbs my body just shut down. no my actual advice is it's going to take some time, so learn about your alternatives can make smart choices every day, soon enough you'll be where you want to.example, oatmeal or egg whites instead of cereal, things like that will make a difference in time.

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