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    am i going too strict on my cutting diet ?

    may sound silly but was wondering if im going too strict that im restricting my caleries way too much for my cutting diet ? im currently on 600mg test, 400mg mast a week & 60mg t-bol a day with some ECA in the morning too, however no ECA today only training days

    meal 1: 4 egg whites 1 whole egg, half onion, half red pepper, handfull spinach & 14g amino acids & black coffe
    meal 2: 120g chicken breast & 5 heads brocoli
    meal 3: 120g chicken breast & 5 heads brocoli
    meal 4: 4 egg whites 1 whole egg, half onion, half red pepper, handfull spinach
    meal 5: either fish or chicken with some greens
    meal 6: 300g cottage cheese - usually dont eat cottage cheese when cutting however i will tonight, bit of a treat as its saterday
    today im not training hence no carbs, drinking a pint of water every 2-3 hours too, also eating every 2-3 hours

    my question is at a rough look will i be able to get away with eating this and not loosing muscle mass as im on cycle and keeping the protein high, getting in about 1.5g proetin per lb bodyweight
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    This will depend on a number of things, but stats matter. Also are you having carb ups?

    edit: forgot to ask training protocol, what your lifting looks like as well as your cardio plan, rest days etc? basic outline

    I'm tempted to say that is a heavy enough cycle you won't lose anything, but too much is involved and if you never carb up that could change things as well.

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    No carbs?

    What are the macro's?

    I'd like to know current stats too.

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    why dont u usually eat cottage cheese when cutting?

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    x2 for stats

    That is a very very strict low cal deficit diet. I can't see how it's enough energy for your daily life.

    As far as muscle wasting. Me personally, while on test u can pull my cals extremely low, yet not see any loss of muscle.

    I have ran something quite similar to lose an extreme amount of weight very quick. But, while doing this I don't see the necessity for that much test. Just 200-250mg per week worked great for my extreme cut.

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