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Thread: Calories? Want to lose fat but keep weight

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    Calories? Want to lose fat but keep weight

    I am 49 years old. Been training since a teen however last year when I got pneumonia, I have been taking a rest. No training, eating everything in site and snacking.

    Now I have a boxing match that I want to enter in November. I want to lose the fat on my stomach but keep my weight.
    For two weeks now, I have been eating fish, chicken and salads. Lost 3 kgs. in a week and a half.

    What happens if I start taking something like MuscleTech's MassTech which has a lot of calories and a lot of protein?

    Should I stick with fish and chicken or will I still lose the fat using a high calorie protein?

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    "designed for the hardgainer" = too many carbs

    no fancy gimmicks mate. set up your macros correctly, and stick to them. adjust for changes in activity levels and weight fluctuations. It sounds like you probably want to be at TDEE - 200 cals or so if you want to lose some fat.

    if you want help, PM me and i'll send you the calculator

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