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Thread: Something about me I've been noticing for awhile now...........

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    Something about me I've been noticing for awhile now...........

    ...........always thought I was hypoglycemic. Tested for it one time and came back negative. But I have a hard time laying out my morning meal. Usually, it's three cups of oats as a starter. This has a GV of about 55 which is a nice slow burning complex carb and should last me all morning. But here's the problem. I don't think that is sufficient to get my blood sugar levels where they need to be, as it makes me feel shaky and grumpy. (Maybe the GV is too low?) So I think I'm going to switch a bit, and eat a banana first thing in the morning. This should jump start my blood sugar levels. THEN I'll eat the oats.

    .......but I don't know anyone else with this issue. Is it me? or do you think it is due to the metabolic changes weight lifters experience?

    .......anyone else ever notice this?

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    I feel the same way right before lunch, shaky.

    Not sure what it is, cuz I normally eat two meals before I eat lunch

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    Oats never give me a feeling of satiety, expect for about 15-20 after eating them. After that, I'm already getting hungry again. All you ever read about oats is how satisfying they are...well maybe for some, definitely not for me. Just another example of, we're all individuals and some of us don't fit the mold that the majority will fit.

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    If I eat oats it's with so many raisins as well as a banana cut up in it that I don't really taste the oats. Only way I can get them down.
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