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    Oddly specific diet questions

    Okay, so my entire life I've always been slightly overweight but always managed to stay out of the range of "unhealthy". Last year while dealing with some depression I ballooned to nearly 300lbs before moving to Germany for 4 months and dropping 50lbs. Now I'm back in the States and attempting to maintain my losses and drop more before starting my first cycle in a few months.

    Okay so now for the specific questions. I have a sensory processing disorder that essentially makes eating vegetables impossible, they cause an indescribably brutal pain so those are out for me. The only diet I found that i can make work reasonably is keto. I love meat and don't get sick of it thankfully, but am wondering if it is necessary to be at a caloric deficit on Keto. I have searched on several forums and just find conflicting info.

    Thank you for the help

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    1) I've never heard of such a veggie avoidance condition before. Can you post a link to a source so I can learn more about it?

    2) Sorry mate. Taking steroids in your present condition is wrong. Would you throw a super charger on a stock 67 T Bird? No, because with all the extra horsepower, the moment you step on the gas, you'll leave a trail of tranny parts all over the street. A SMART mechanic would take his time, spend the bucks, and enhance the drive train. This is what you need to do through diet and exercise. Your tendons and ligaments will lag in strength behind your muscular strength. You won't feel it until it is too late. then the next thing you will post is how to accelerate the healing process, and then i'll be telling you all about TB500.

    Accept the fact you are a few years away from needing anything other than diet and exercise. Toughen yourself up in the gym. There is a reason why I tell newbs 500 times a day NOT to take steroids. It's because in their present condition, it can be dangerous. Drugs are the last thing to consider in this game we play.

    I know this is not what you wanted to hear, but it is what you needed to hear.


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