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    Food allergy; alternatives?

    Hey everybody! Newly joined the forum and I just thought about posting in this section about my allergy. I am allergic to all fresh fruits and vegetables. Whenever I eat one my mouth will get irritated (itchy), my throat can swell up, massive chest pains/heart burn, I can throw up depending on what it is that I ate, etc. I have gone to an allergist years ago and he basically told me that I'm SOL. That I could try taking shots for my allergies/hay fever but it would most likely only possibly have a minor affect on the food allergy. Now, I can eat them cooked and processed, but I remember reading somewhere that when cooking fruits and veggies that it kills some or over half of the nutrients as well as frozen fruits/veggies. Recently, I've discovered steaming fresh veggies for ~8 mins with waterless cookware and broiling fruits on a pan at 500 degrees for 10 mins helps. Is there any nutritionist or dietitian out there that can verify if I'm really killing off that many good nutrients when cooking at that length of time? Anyone have any other cooking ideas?

    I'm 29 and was last at the allergist when I was 20, I believe. I was born with this allergy and also have hay fever. If I remember correctly, I think the allergist, after he did the 'prick test' on my arm and back, said there was a strand in the mold line that's in fresh fruits and allergies that I'm allergic to specifically.

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    You'll be fine cooking the veggies like that. My cousin has an allergy to all tree born fruits. Breaks out in the same way; swelling of the throat, itchiness all over his body, rashes and hives, etc. Do what you gotta do to get them down. Another option would be to try and buy a green and red powder product which has many of the nutrients from fruits and veggies just in powdered/supplement form.

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