I haven't done too much research of my own and my brother has taught me most of what I know and I'm new to the forum.

I take hydroxycut hardcore mainly for its appetite suppression and it doubles as my coffee for work. I dont expect it to do anything else. Thats all on me.

I eat fairly clean and lately have been noticing strength and size gains along with more definition. (My intro post gives my background)

In the mornings i eat protein bread with organic peanut butter and banana or 0% fat greek yogurt with some honey and a little granola and fruit. Or eggs with spinach.

I eat skinless chicken from a george foreman a lot.

Whey after workouts

Sometimes post workout I'll mix whey, berries, greek yogurt, peanut butter, spinach, and banana in a big smoothie.

I also eat fish or steak and veggies when my mom cooks.

I work at a mediterranean place for the summer and get a free meal every shift. It's all fresh daily and healthy. red cabbage. chicken. greens. tahini. pickles. olive oil.

I get stuck in ruts and bored with the same old stuff and i'm not super strict all the time like knowing my calorie intake and what not.

Any tips on more meal ideas as well as some organizing and portioning advice would be helpful.

My overall goal is recomp and i know that requires strict diet.