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    check my diet please

    Hi guys, im trying to add lean mass. How ever, i don't know if i should increase my cals, because i don't want to gain so much fat. I'm 8.3% BF, i wieght 167 lbs, my height is 177 cm.

    I workout 6 times per week, 4 days with low intensity cardio.

    Also im using 250mg testo enanthate , 50mg stanozolol and 20mg oxandrolone per week.

    7:00 am. 20 grs whey protein, 1 banana, 100g of cooked oats, 100g of strawberries, water.

    9:30 am. 6 egg whites, 1 slice of low fat ham, 2 toasted bread slices, 1 grapefruit.

    11:30 am. 90g tuna

    2:00 pm. 200g chicken breast, salad, 3 corn tortillas, 1 grapefruit.

    6:00 pm. Post-workout shake: 20g whey protein, 20g complex carbs + 100g strawberries

    9:00 pm. 6 egg whites, 100g cantaloupe melon.
    Total cals: 1841
    Carbs: 202g
    Protein: 194g
    Fats: 20g

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    Well, you are going to have to add calories, as 1841 makes it hard to add muscle, even on gear. I will be watching this thread carefully. Now that I am leaner I am going to want to add muscle when the weather gets colder without fattening back up.

    Hopefully, you hear from some people who have actually done it successfully.

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    I'd definitely recommend an increase in cals. ~1900 is very little. Find out what your TDEE is at first, and then increase upon that. I, and many others, will say that eating at perhaps TDEE+300cals will result in lower amounts of fat gained.

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    Thank you so much, another question.
    How about the macronutrient intake?
    How much % protein, carbs and fats should i consume?

    And.. is better take sugar or a simple carb with my post workout shake, even i'm on roids?

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    Please read this as you are asking some questions you should have had answers to before you started AAS.

    TDEE Calculator

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