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    What food to eat in order to gain WEIGHT

    Gain WEIGHT!

    What are the best foods to eat.

    I am currently 80kg.

    My ultimate goal is to gain 10kg to be 90kg.

    But realistically 85kg is a more sensible target.

    I do eat a lot! However I am *blessed* to have a fast metabolic rate as well.

    So what foods do you suggest I should eat in a regular basis to gain WEIGHT.

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    Honestly man anything high in calories just stay away from high fat foods. I know that is really broad but you just need to eat. Chicken isn't going to make you gain weight better than tuna if that's what your asking. You just need to eat and eat a lot.

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    it's not the foods you eat, but more how many calories you eat.

    I crunched some numbers based on the stats I found in your profile, and assumed a moderate activity level. Your TDEE is about 3,000cals/day. with a 40/40/20 macro split, this would mean you would need to eat about 300 grams of protein a day to cover.

    What food to eat in order to gain WEIGHT-capture.png

    But, since it sounds like maybe you are a hard gainer, I'd suggest maybe 750 cals/day above TDEE which would give you this

    What food to eat in order to gain WEIGHT-capture.png

    this would mean 375 grams of protein per day.

    try to eat unprocessed whole foods. drink water only, maybe a little milk since a hard gainer. avoid the alcohol, and fast foods. Remember, what you put in your body makes you who you are. if you eat bullshit burritos and pizza trying to make the calories the easy way, then it will affect how you feel and your appearance. Utilize protein powder sparingly. Try using it at the end of the day, when you crunch the numbers on what you've eaten so far, and realize you have a protein deficiency you need to take care of.

    Learn what to eat and when to eat it. This is an educational process for you, and your subject matter is your body and your nutrition. Everybody reacts a little differently to these strict nutrition plans, so for a while, you will need to trial and error until you figure things out. For me, I've learned I can't avoid all the simple carbs without feeling lethargy and becoming grumpy. So I've learned that when I wake up, I immediately eat a banana. And again right before the gym. in fact, I eat a mix of complex and simple carbs, where the simple carbs come mainly from fruit.

    If you need help, I can send you the macro calculator to help track what you eat. it's just one of many tools out there, but it works for me. PM me and i'll send you one if you like.

    Good luck!

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