I am 6ft even and 180 pounds. 24 years old. Around 10% body fat. I am looking to gain around 15 pounds. I figured I need about 3000 calories a day to maintain my current weight so I'm eating around 3500 a day. My days go as followed.

Wake up: 8 egg whites, 1 cup oatmeal and protein shake.

2nd meal. Lean protein, and a green veggie. I tend to eat green peppers, peas, or green beans.

3rd meal: chicken breast, with a cup of brown rice. A can of tuna.


Post workout: 2 scoops of protein.

Ppwo: spinach salad, with chicken and green peppers.

5th meal: steak, or corn beef, somethin along those lines, with green beans, peas, or peppers. I usually eat a few scoops of peanut butter after this.

6th meal. 1 scoop of protein and go to bed.

Any help would be appreciated as far as what I should change or what I should add. Thanks