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    Appetite control trick??

    In curious to know whats kind of trick you use for appetite control?
    (self control have bad mood effect on me and these day I cant deal with it.)

    To give an idea, under 4k cals/day I feel like starving most of the time...

    On clen my appetite is supressed a bit, but my blood pressure go too high.
    Drinking several liter/day helps but dont do magic and the amount I need to drink to relieve my hunger for 30 minute is insane... I drink every 2 min, and piss every 15 min...

    I tried doing cardio/weightlifting/walking everytime im too hungry.
    but my energy level go down the toilet in 2 days...

    well, I need more self-control I agree but Thats a real problem thats get me crazy...


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    Ephedrine works Ok for me.

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    psyllium husk fiber
    minimize fast burning carbs when possible - fast burning carbs makes me hungrier
    learn to eat raw veggies like carrots and celery - you can eat as much celery as you like to fill your gut. tastes good too

    none of this is a magic pill though. some self control is required.

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    Increase fiber.

    Also try eating slower to allow the "I'm full" message to reach the brain. Once you are satisfied stop and save the rest for later when the "I'm hungry" feeling comes back.

    Additionally if you increase your workouts you should be able to eat more to match the calories your workout burned.

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