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    How's my diet? & a few questions

    I'm 23y 5'8", weighing 160 pounds. I've been working out for 6+ years. Well this is my diet that my friend suggested me to try. I'm looking to build lean muscle and limit on my carbs too. So what do y'all ppl think?

    Meal 1- 5-6 boiled eggs, Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein and 2 cups of oatmeal.

    Meal 2: 200g Chicken breast(boiled brocolli & 1 cup brown rice.

    Meal 3: 150G of Tuna chunks mixed with spinach leaves, lettuce and pasta

    Meal 4: Ground beef Lean quarter lb with Vegetables

    Meal 5: Steak and salad

    Meal 6: 3 Scrambled eggs & some Salmon

    Meal 7: Dairy Products like Skim milk, CC, Greek Yogurt etc.

    Oh & i hear a lot of guys saying Pre workouts, Creatine supplements are worse than steroids ..I've been thinking of getting creatine and taking a fat burner with as well. But from y'alls best advice what do y'all experts think or know whats worse and whats not. & i posted a cycle of what i got right now but tbh should i take and follow for 12-14 weeks? I haven't started it yet. But if i weren't to be taking pre workouts i wouldn't be where i'am at right now. So what do y'all think is best as for me to take? Creatine, pre workouts? Or start my cycle?

    Btw, i have my first bodybuilding Physique competition on March 2015!
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