*** 1st diet try need advice (oups forgot to complet the title)

So I read about carb cycling , basic nutrition tips and all that and tried to make my own diet ( but a budget diet since I can't put a lot of money into and food is pretty expensive in Quebec,Canada especially when it comes to meat..

I want some advice on how to adjust it.

Here are my stats :
217 pounds
Training experience : 6 years ( but never really was on a diet for a long term ( max 1 month ), training was pretty consistent except last year I stopped for 5 months )

BF : 24%

I don't look ''big'' and fat but I do have a belly. I also have a little bigger than normal legs (genetics) it was always my strong point in my physique but now I want to add more muscle mass and definition to em thats why I want to do em twice a week.

I was planning on + 1 meal of whole wheat pasta when it's leg days since I will work em twice a week.
Low carbs on all other days except days off where I want to refill a little with moderate carb intake.
Whould it be a good approach ?

I plan on doing ''this'' diet for 4-5 months with little changes.
So here's my question about this diet : is it a good ''basic'' diet or do I lack nutriments ? Don't forget I want to really go on budget (around 80-100$/week) here.

( I calculated 4 calories per gram of carbs and prot and 9 cal per gram of fat )

I wake up around 9-10am and go to bed around 11pm max midnight but I rarely eat 2h before bedtime ( drinking plenty of water before sleep )

6 egg whites ; 1 pack quaker oatmeal ( meal 1 )
24.58g prot ; 24.45g carbs ; 1.84g fat

250g ground beef + 1 cup white rice + 1 cup veggies ( meal 2 )
54.7g prot ; 51g carbs ; 47.9g fat

2 scoop vanilla iso , banana, skim milk ( post workout shake )
56.1g prot ;4.8g fat ; 36.6g carbs

200g chicken breast skinless boneless + 1 cup white rice + 1 cup veggies ( meal 3)
53.38g prot ; 51g carbs ; 2.88g fat

200g chicken breast + veggies 1 cup ( meal 4)
49.18 prot ; 2.48 fat ; 6 carbs

237.94g prot 59.9g fat 169.05 carbs

539.1 cal fat 24.88%
951.76 cal prots 43.92%
676.2 cal carbs 31.20%
2167.06 calories/day

This is my first try so I have a lot to learn and I'll love to get some advice especially on how to carb cycle ( am vs pm ; day off vs day on etc... )

Thank you guys !