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Thread: Diet for first cycle

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    Diet for first cycle

    Stats- 180lbs 10%bf 5'8-5'9

    Here's the gist of my cycle

    Inject 250mg test E every 4 days so monday friday tuesday saturday wednesday sunday and again monday friday etc / dbol take 1 tablet on training days together with your meal ...each meal.. up to about 3-4 tablets per day(100/10mg tabs dbol and 20/250mg Norma vials). Pct and anti estrogen is on point.

    As for the diet, here's what I've got planned and tell me how you'd change it. One thing for certain, I go WAY over board with protein, I have a VERY huge appetite and if I was rich enough I could eat another 3 meals with this easily, so I have high protein to stay full.


    Meal 1- 8oz ground beef 1 cup rice 9am

    Meal 2- 8oz chicken 1 cup rice 11am

    Meal 3- protein shake/cottage cheese/fruit 1pm

    Meal 4- 8oz chicken 1 cup rice 3pm

    Meal 5- 6oz any protein 1 cup rice 5pm

    Gym- leave 7-8pm come back 9-10pm

    Meal 6- protein shake right after workout

    Meal 7- 10oz beef or chicken 1 cup rice or canned potatoes /anytime

    Meal 8- 2scoops casein protein before bed may include a big spoon of peanut butter lol

    Meal 8- 6~8oz any protein carb of any choice
    Such as cereal, frozen yogurt, etc.

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    8 meals??? WTF???

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    Macro's? You can fill up on fibre as a healthier alternative and as you appear to not eat any vegetables........

    You also might wanna vary your carb source, a big sweet potato or oats will help with satiety too.
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