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    Food Preperation in Bulk (Quanity)

    So i used to do the tasteless 6 meal per day thing back in college when free time was abundent. Since then i have burnt out, lost my good habits, and now im going to try it again.

    this time around though i want to spend ALOT less time preping, cooking, and cleaning dishes, or else i simply cant do it with my schedule.

    So I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice and tips for doing that.

    Many Thanks

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    Use the crock pot as much as possible!

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    The crock pot is awesome. When I cook I always make a bunch extra so I can have it the next day for lunch. Now my GF does my meal prep. It's pretty great. Saves me so much time lol

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    Make enough money to pay someone to do it for you and slave away like every one else.

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    I use to cook twice a week. Store it in tupperware in the fridge. Fry up 3-4kg of chicken and some pasta and broccoli. Or just fry up the chicken and put it in boxes. Heat up in micro when you need it. You can add carbs easily, i use corn-tortillas with my chicken, with salat. Easy.

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    I prep my meals on weekend and make salads as I go. Live in chic and fish plus eggs for breakfast. Easy peasy!!!

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    food preparation is all about discipline in my eyes. i enjoy cooking, so i make time for it.

    you can cook a lot of chicken at a time and also make meatloaf to have a lot of food.

    cook a lot of ground meat a time and you can do all sorts of things with it.

    get a rice cooker, they are the tits! and everyone loves tits!!!!!!!!!

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