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    I'm not big enough yet

    Thank you for taking the time to check this out. A few vital facts first.

    Age 32
    Weight 250
    Height 6'3"
    Fat % 15-18
    I'm am not a novice and this is not my first cycle by any means.

    Current cycle I'm in week 1 now
    Cyp 500mg
    EQ 300mg

    Week 3-8
    Cyp 600mg
    Eq 500mg

    Week 8-14
    Cyp 700mg
    Eq 600-700mg

    Arimidex .5mg EOD, will increase as needed. Last Eq/test e cycle I got shut down hard.

    Diet, keep in mind I work midnights

    Wake up meal blended shake
    4 eggs
    3/4 raw oatmeal
    Cup almond milk
    4 tbs Nutella

    Meal 1
    6oz chicken
    1/2 cup white rice and beans
    1/4 veggies/fruit
    1 hard boiled egg

    Meal 2
    Same as meal 1

    Meal 3
    1lb no salt cottage cheese
    1 hard boiled egg

    Meal 4
    2-3 cans tuna
    1/2 cup fruit/veggies

    Meal 5
    This is around 12 or so in the afternoon
    Chipotle burrito bowl.
    No sour cream or extra salt. Usually double meat.
    If not chipotle then same as meal 1

    Snack 1
    Before bed around 2-2:30pm
    2-4 hard boiled eggs.

    So how does this look to you guys. I weigh and measure all my food I make. No caffeine, no salt, no soda no garbage. I look at myself and I just don't see what others do. I need more size.
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    I would up your meat intake, the chipotle burrito bowl is most likely low quality meat and not very much weight. I am not a fan of tuna either, especially from a can, try and up your whole food meat intake. I don't do raw eggs either, I prefer mine cooked and depending on what study you read, cooked are more bioavaliable. At 250lbs you need a lot of food to grow, if you think you are eating enough, most likely you aren't, eat more.

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    Maybe you see something different in your reflection?

    I think big guys tend to think they are small and need to be bigger. Marcus mentioned he felt small after losing 7 lbs. I highly doubt he is small and you as well.

    Or could it be that you think you are lacking I one or two areas?

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