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    Fat loss tips? :)

    I started training 6 months ago I was
    6ft, 370, 38%bf
    I dropped to about 350 32% in the first 3 months
    I've started taking hgh for the last two months to help me out. Now I have added test cyp, arimidex for any estrogen issues as fattys like me have a higher chance of converting test to estrogen and also on 60mg anavar ed.
    My current weight is 339 28%ish (eyeball measurements by me and others) I've packed on a lot of muscle gained 1.5" on arms and the fat looks to be slowly melting day by day, man boobs have shrunk durastically, traps are beginning to pop up. A friend jokes I look like a chubbier rusev from wwe lol (yeye I know he's not loved on these forums lol)
    My maintenance intake is calculated at 3800 cal a day
    I am consuming anywhere from 2000-2500cal a day, 350grams protein, less than 40g of carbs and taking in good fats (omega 3 no saturated or transfats)
    My goal is any weight but 20% bf how long do you think I will take to reach my goal taking my diet and gear into consideration. 20% isn't ideal but for now and for me it's my goal when I hit that then I'll worry about getting washboard abs and veins sticking out of my chest lol.
    Oh and I train 6 days a week 90mins weight 20 mind of HIIT or slow steady cardio after the weights.
    Any tips or opinions would be greatly appreciated just don't tell me I'm not ready for crank I know my body can handle it I've done it in the past and it's too late to stop til the vials are all dried up

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    Personally this sounds like a recipe for disaster. Your WAY to high of a bf to cycle. And 40 grams of carbs a day, are you preparing for a show, probably not. There is no reason to drop carbs that low. In the long run low carb diets DO NOT work.

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    What do you expect my weight and bf to be post cycle. I'm almost 250 lean body mass. I didn't get that muscle naturally. Unfortunately an Injury caused me to not train for a year and a half. In the good old days I was 270 15% lol in the long run I can maintain it I'm worried about now and losing fat for the next 3 months and how long til I'm at 20% bf

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    It's almost impossible to predict. But if u lost 20lb in the first three months, I would expect something similar in the next three months, unless u ramp up cardio.

    I don't see any need for all that gear at all tbh

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