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    Old School Bodybuilding Nutrition VS Today

    Old School Bodybuilding Nutrition versus Today

    So, what on earth is wrong with drinking whole milk, a can of Crisco, and a whole rotisserie chicken everyday?

    And what about nutrient-timing? I don't believe in the idea that the body can only absorb 30 grams of protein per meal.

    So aside from the refinement of protein powders, what new stuff happened that made everything better, supposedly?

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    The advancements in the data are what have changed everything, it used to be word of mouth for your information, now there's science behind it. 30g protein per meal has always and always will be a myth, never any truth to it, no idea where it came from. Nothing wrong with whole milk, idk what crisco is idk what rotisserie is but they're probably fine. Nutrient timing may have some small benefits but it's the last 1% after total daily calories.

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    But yo psychologically i feel way better and physically more energized if i dont fast than if i have equal meal timing. It just feels like it makes big different :/

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    I don't know what you're talking about to be honest... the "milk makes you soft" idea was around in the 70's And a can of crisco? wtf? pure vegetable fat, who ever ate cans of crisco? And my humble opinion is that diet didn't improve nearly as much as the gear did. Slin and HGH changed the game

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    Sure did ^^^! Milk(whole) bloats me... Makes me soft flat looking... Since dropping the milk and dairy I've leaned out much better.... Then again I used to take in 12-15 GL a month so that's a bit overkill to say the least lol...

    Crisco?! Really! Like mentioned above its pure fat/grease... Nasty stuff... Olive oil/avocado oil/vegetable oil..

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    I think the diet that you are on boils down to what you are doing training wise and are you doing a hard labor job also or sitting at a desk.

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