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Thread: Lucky or what

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    Lucky or what

    As everyone knows nutrition is always at the forefront of your cycle. The list of do and do nots is how do I say... Grrrrrr.

    I am just here to say my buddy eats everything, drinks and basically has weird cycle practices.

    Results - jacked, ripped, chiseled, low body fat, crazy strong.

    Wtf can't the rest of use just pin and just get like that?

    I just cannot get divorced from my gut. The rest is pretty good but common this is BS and now I just turned 40 it's grip just got tighter.

    Now I don't take Tren and other stuff he does but still. I'm just not wanting those sides which brings me to my last annoying point.

    He never gets and sides.

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    Probably a genetic outlier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uhit
    Probably a genetic outlier.
    ^^^^ yup. That was my thought. They only problem op has is that this freak is his buddy!

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    Probably just got lucky when it comes to thing like sides/fast metabolism etc. As for the diet, if he's eating enough or under-eating the right amount then that's basically the be all end all of his muscle gain/weight loss, as long as (i'm guessing he does) still bust his ass in the gym and takes a boatload of drugs to compliment his efforts.

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