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Thread: No Gains, No Body Fat Loss

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    No Gains, No Body Fat Loss


    My friend has been training hard for about a year, he has not put no any muscle.
    he trains at a decent intensity, and for about an hour.

    Some days he trains with me, so he's in the gym about 14 hours a week. 7 days on, with some double days.

    With all this training, he's made no improvements.. pretty much anywhere.

    Stats: 170 pounds, 5'10, 16% BF.

    He does mixed cardio every day at 0430 and then weights training for 40 mins.
    He doesn't really have more than 50 grams of carbs a day. usually pre workout. and then protein BCAA's post workout.

    He has about 1300 Cals a day. So i Believe this attributes to his lack of muscle gain.. but, even still, i'm curious as to why, despite his low Calories, he doesn't lose any weight, he's not getting leaner, or any definition.

    Also, He's been double dosing C4 pre workout for about 4 months now. I realise that it says to cycle for 6 weeks on, on the packet. but he's had no negative affects. so.. can he continue?

    Anyway! any and all advise would be a help.
    I'd like to show him all your responses, see if we can change something.


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    Perhaps his lack of definition is due to lack of muscle mass, so it doesn't show. Either he's not really counting his calories properly, or his training is lacking.

    Is he receiving adequate protein/fats? For him at 5'10 170lbs just tell him to forget about trying to get lean because he probably wants to be for this summer, but instead encourage him to bump those calories up to about 2,300 - 2,500 and concentrate on building muscle mass for a solid year and then NEXT SUMMER he can attempt to get leaner.

    1,300 calories for a male is just... what the actual fvck. I'm starving on 2,000 right now!

    Also, contrary to popular belief. WE GROW OUTSIDE THE GYM. 7 days with double sessions sometimes shows either 'overtraining' or he's not training properly so he has to go twice. All you really need is 3x a week (push,pull,leg split). Tell him to jump on these forums and have a read through Marcus' diary in the lounge. It's basically a novel at this point but it will help him guaranteed.
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    Training 14 hours a week is too much. I train less than half that. It's all about training intensity not time in the gym.

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    7 days on is too much. You grow out of the gym not in it. Train less frequently but with more intensity.

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    has he ever had lab work done to see if his test levels are low? this could account for both problems of no muscle gain or fat loss.

    if not, id suggest it.

    and it looks like he is training too frequently and not eating enuff calories..

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    also does he track his food intake? most people under estimate how much they eat......tell him to pick a goal, build mass or lose fat! if he has been eating 1300 cals for a long time then upping cals slowly and try to get stronger/bigger would be a good shout, it will help him get his TDEE set point back up...........def does not want to be eating 1300 cals.

    also he could be lying to you and eating loads a crap behind closed doors.

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    I am not even sure how it would be possible to eat 1300 calories every day for an entire year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldnsedentary
    I am not even sure how it would be possible to eat 1300 calories every day for an entire year.
    I do it. Lol

    Your friend is simply not eating enough! If he is trying to gain he needs to eat more. I am working my way up from 800 cal. Now at 1200. I have gained a bit but it's quality muscle. Quality booty muscle. I haven't been training as long as your friend.

    He simply needs to learn to eat. He could also be a hard gainer so he has to eat a little more quality protein and carbs and healthy fats.
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