Hi everyone I need some advise on my diet, this is first time posting in this section hopefully someone with good knowledge can help me out.
I'm on my 5th week test e cycle just add Var @ 40mg/day, I'm 34 175cm(5"9) before cycle I was 83kg(180lbs) body fat percentage 17% my goal is 10-13%
I'm doing a 2200cal diet 30%carbs 20%fat 50%protein, my meals are pretty much the same everyday, it's a bit boring but I'm ok
First meal I always have 100ML frozen egg white mix with 250ml unsweetened almond breeze and whey protein (224cal)
I cook 3200g beans 200g eggplant 400g cauliflower 500g chicken breast all mixed with 250g of cooked brown rice and splits into 3 meals. Sometimes I might add 2 large poached eggs(all 3meal 1338 cal, poached eggs extra 140 cal)
For snack I normally have a skinny latte and 1 mandarin anytime during the day. 1 post workout shake and another shake before bed.
Normally it comes down to around 150g carbs 35g fat and 250-260g of protein. Normally I won't go over 2200 cal unless I have another extra meal normally will be a 200g salmon with some salad no dressing

I training 5-6 days a week,2 hours weights and 30-40 mins cardio heart rate at 150-160
Right now I feel pretty good, test give me good energy and strength. I've already put on 3.5kg (7.5lbs) even I do feel the belly fat is softer my arms are leaner but it still freaked me out
My question is, do you guys think this diet will give me what I want? Or do I have to adjust somewhere? Bump the protein lower the carbs etc etc....