So ive been cutting since August, im down from 109ish kg to 97kg, my body has changed quite a lot, only thing im waiting to lean up on more is my face, last cut i was 88kg and lean as hell, that was 2-3 years ago, i bulked hard since then and this is my first proper cut since then, im hoping to get down to 94. So im 97kg atm, my maintenance is 3500 cals roughly, ive been on tren /test/mast primo and clen /t3, only added clen recently, In 3 weeks i hope to get down to 92-93. I think its possible, basically all im looking for is re assurance and motivation. i Wont lose any mass because im on well, a boatload of drugs (i am experienced).

I have been following a 40 40 20 split because that works well for me, but changing up food sources every few weeks, i eat at maintenance and then create the defict via cardio, lately ive been doing a lot because im leaning up as fast as i can, its working well and ive lost 0 mass. Anyone have any tips, any diet advice, i guess whats not broke dont try to fix it but always open for advice, for the next 3 weeks should i follow a different split, drop carbs? Up fats?