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    What do you consider your weight

    For the last 11 months, I have only weighed myself on Saturday morning first thing. I went from 277 down to 206. I am staying between 206-210. So I was at 206 on Saturday then just for kicks I weighed myself Tuesday afternoon and I was at 213.6. Thursday Morning 207. So when you say how much you weigh is it.First thing in the morning or walk around weight? Anyone else have that much of a fluctuation in their weight?

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    for me, its the first thing in the morning. After I eat I don't mess with it at all, because as you state it fluctuates based on the meal/time of day. I also try to be consistent with the same day of the week to weigh in and not do it too much in between.

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    I weigh myself most mornings post poopy.

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