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    Thoughts and Comments on Carnitine

    So what does everyone think about carnitine. is it worth taking? The Vitamin Shoppe had a sale on Bentacourt Products for buy one get one half off and since i got some pre workout and 2 aminos the guy suggested it. i dont know much about it except that the serving size is about a half a teaspoon and its spicy which is from the black pepper.

    Lately ive been having bad upset stomach and bad diarrhea. In the pass 3 weeks ive cleaned my diet up a lot since ive been getting ready for a cycle. i would say i always have the best diet but i never ate super shitty so i doubt its my body like detoxing itself (i went through that when i started getting into lifting and eating better like 4 years ago and it sucked!) Again im not sure if its the cleaner diet or the carnitine thats causing it but i shit about 4 times a day and most of them are diarrhea. sorry for the descriptive post but i know theres some knowledgeable people here that can help.

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    I took it a while back in pill form. Didn't notice any significant results so I discontinued it from my supplements.

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