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    Stats (Saturday January 16 2015) Calculated via Bodpod:

    Total Weight: 182.5lb Lean Body Mass: 154.6lb Body Fat: 15.3% (27.9lb) Height: 5'11

    Resting Metabolic Rate: 1,862kcal/day

    TEE (RMR x Activity Factor)


    Current Goal: Weight Loss

    Current Macros are adjusted based on the following 2383kcal/day

    Protein: 192 grams (768 Calories)
    Fat: 80 grams (720 Calories)
    Carbohydrate: 222 grams (890 Calories)

    Fiber ~35 grams

    My current daily meal plan (which exists purely as personal preference, I know I can change the foods accordingly)

    Brown rice, coconut oil, almonds, sole fillet, protein powder, orange juice, fish oil, cabbage, carrots.

    Currently I base my activity factor at 1.7 for work out days (I work a fairly physically demanding job for 10 hour shifts), 1.5 for cardio days and the weekend. After I adjust for a caloric deficit my week looks like this.

    Monday: 2800kcal Tuesday: 2400kcal Wednesday: 2800kcal Thursday: 2400kcal Friday 2800kcal Saturday 2400Kcal Sunday 2400 Kcal.

    Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I add 400 calories of carbs.

    I do meal prep for the week on Sundays.

    As for meal timings, I usually have a couple 300cal snacks throughout the day and have a really large dinner with the majority of my calories.

    I am weighing myself every morning but the Monday morning weigh ins are the only ones that I use to monitor whats going on. So far the scale is telling me my weight is going down.

    Weigh in
    Jan 18: 184lb
    Jan 25: 177.2lb
    Feb 01: 178.6lb
    Feb 08: 172 lb
    Feb 15: 171.6 lb
    Feb 20: 170lb
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    Looks pritty good to me.

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    You can go ahead and post your updates here

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