Hey guys, first time poster here! So I have a question regarding shedding the last few % bodyfat to break the lean/shredded barrier. I have been dieting now for about 6 weeks, got myself from 215 pounds at around 14-15% down to 200 and around 10% (full set of abs easily visible even when relaxed, oblique veins poppin) with just a little softness overtop that I would love to see disappear!! I want to be around 8% at the end so that I have a ton of leinancy to start building again!

Height: 5'11
Weight: 200p
Bf%: 10ish
TDEE: 2900-3100
Gear: T400/Tren E/Stanz(just added)
AI: Adex

Previous diet (past 4 weeks):

Breakfast: 2 whole eggs/4 whites/reduced fat cheddar/slice of FF ham or half can tuna/chopped veggies/tblsp SF ketuchp or light ranch (made into omlette)

Meal 2: 175g chicken breast/8 egg whites/3-4 cups veg/ half tblsp extra virgin olive oil
(all separate or made into scramble)

Meal 3: same as meal 2 with turkey or tuna instead

Meal 4: 300g plain Greek yogurt/200g 1% cottage cheese/ half scoop PP/ 2tblsp natty PB (mixed together, and favourite meal of the day)

Total kcal: 2200 +/- 100 for varying reasons
Macros: 315P/110C/60F give or take a few grams here or there

Very simple and plain, and I prefer 4 large meals instead of more frequent smaller meals. I can't still visually see myself getting leaner and was almost debating RAISING my calories for the next couple of weeks to see if I can't stay around the same weight and peel off this last layer, but am thinking to just get it over with and cut another 150 or so calories and add an extra cardio day.

Training is 5 days heavy weights lots of volume, cardio 6 days average of 35-40min
With one day laying in bed doing absolutely nothing because I'm so wrecked from my training haha!

Any and all advice or criticism is welcome, would love to be turning heads looking like a Greek god statue when all is said and done

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to read this and responds!! Happy lifting guys