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    I have a powerlifting meet at the beginning of april which is the qualification for yhe worlds in which I have very high chance to class if I get to the 181pounds class...
    In the 198 Im not sure If I can make it...

    The weight in is the saturnday and the meet is the sunday. Therefore I can water cut prior to the weigth in.

    Im aiming to reach at least 190 at 1weeks out.

    How should I approach my water cut???

    Am I better to already increase my sodium intake or waiting just 1 weeks out?
    Also i have aldactone on hands to cut the rest but last time I used it It hasnt done shit(and it was pharma...)

    Any advice?

    Btw im fat enough(15%) to drop weight without much muscle loss.

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    Hopefully Mike XXL will chime in or maybe Back in Black

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