Hi everyone. I was told my diet was not in check when I thought it was so I am looking for some advice on how to make my diet a little more clean. My stats are 5'11.5" 207 lbs, 28 yo.

Here's a little history on myself before I just dive in. I have worked out on and off most of my life and have usually been in the 140-160 lbs weight range. I did my first successful tri-3 month bulk/cut cycle 1.5 years ago with proper diet calculated at a 800 surplus/deficit with max bulk reaching 180 lbs and lowest cut hitting 155 lbs with creatine and a nat test booster(once for 2 month bulk - APE). I took a year break from working out and eating healthy (aka lazy) and hit a max weight of 198 lbs. I decided I wanted to get back into the workout lifestyle and diet correct, so I am on my 4th week back into my workout currently sitting at 207 lbs taking creatine, and bulking 3 months on the same test booster (APE).

Meal plan:

Breakfast - Milano cookies, glass of milk, greek yogurt, banana
697 Calories : 96.5g Carb - 26.8g Protein - 25.4g Fat

Snack - 2 chicken breasts, 2 whole eggs
370 Calories : 2 Carb - 58g Protein - 15g Fat

Lunch/Dinner - 2 chicken breasts, 2 whole eggs, greek yogurt
614 Calories : 17g Carb - 73g Protein - 29g Fat

Post workout - 2 chicken breasts, 2 whole eggs, greek yogurt, banana, glass of milk, carrots, 1 protein shake, random Banquest oven meal, handful of pistachios and 2 servings of Ritz toasted chips.
1754 Calories : 154g Carb - 129.8g Protein - 74.4g Fat

Currently at around a 500ish caloric surplus as I am gaining roughly a pound a week. My TDEE is 2937 at 207 lbs and I am consuming roughly 3435 calories according to the stats I got off caloriecount so it could be off by just a little.

So with this in mind my macro breakdown is actually really poor to what I thought it was. According to what I just logged I am at a 270/288/144 (30.6/32.7/36.7 C/P/F ratio) and my fats are extremely high mostly due to the corn oil I use when I cook my eggs. I don't hard boil them. So I guess I can start by cutting my fats down and increasing my carb intake.

Do you guys have any other suggestions that I could use? Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from the pros!